How To Reverse Gray Hair – Ultimate Guides

Sooner or later most of us reach a point where we want to reverse gray hair:  Physical signs of aging become more apparent as you grow older. Noticeable wrinkling on the face and other areas of your body become visible and suddenly, more and more gray hair appears on your hair. This is quite normal to see for someone past their prime years. However, young men and women nowadays complain of gray hair.

With premature gray hair, a person may look older than his or her actual age. While some people don’t care and may even proudly sport a silver mane, some dread the arrival of these unwanted hairs.

What Causes Gray Hair?

Our hair follicles contain a pigment called melanin. As the body decreases its production of melanin, the hair pigments become colorless or white. Because not all hair becomes colorless at once, the black and white colors of your hair get combined, thus giving your hair its gray appearance.

Below are some of the most common reasons of graying hair:


This is the foremost reason for graying hair. As you become older, your hair starts to lose the cells that are responsible for producing your hair color. Graying starts when the melanocytes become less active. As less pigment is retained and deposited to the hair, the lighter it becomes. As the cells continue to slowly die off, graying progresses until no cell responsible for producing color is left.

Lack of nutrition

What you eat can also have an effect on your hair color, as diet can greatly influence premature graying. The lack of vitamin B, copper, iron and iodine are known culprits of graying hair.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is a well-known ingredient for many hair-bleaching products. However, many people are unaware that the cells of the human hair also produce hydrogen peroxide. According to research, as people age, the amount of hydrogen peroxide produced by the cells increases and eventually the hair loses its color, turning to gray or white.


According to research, there is a significant association between smoking tobacco or cigarettes and premature graying of hair. This occurrence may become visible even before a person turns 30 years old.


The premature transitioning from normal to gray hair may also be an indicator of stress. When free radicals caused by pollution, unhealthy lifestyle or poor diet outnumber the levels of antioxidants in your body, stress-induced damage occurs. Studies have shown that people with premature graying of hair have higher levels of free radicals in their bodies.

Health problems

Aside from stress, health problems may also cause your hair to change its color prematurely. Disorders such as anemia, obesity and thyroid deficiency are just some of the illnesses which have been linked to gray hair.

Ethnicity and Gray Hair

The transition of a person’s hair from its natural color to gray is also thought to be influenced by ethnicity. For instance, Caucasian people may start going gray by the time they reach their mid-30s. For Asians, the usual onset of gray hair starts in their late 30s, and Africans in their mid-40s. By the age of 50, the average person usually has a significant amount of gray hair present.

The Influence of Genetics on Hair Color

Aside from other internal and external factors that may affect your hair color, studies have shown that genetics play an important role in determining the onset of gray hair. People tend to start growing their natural gray hairs by the same time their parents or grandparents started seeing their first strand of gray hair. Over the years, changes in a person’s hormones, age, climate change and even exposures to chemicals can have an effect on one’s hair pigmentation.

How to prevent gray hair

Use coconut oil

Today, coconut oil is among the most popular skin and hair products widely used by men and women for different purposes when it comes to maintaining skin and hair. Apply coconut oil on your hair and also massage your scalp with it. The oil from the coconut is rich in lauric acid that strengthens and moisturizes your strands. It is also rich in antioxidants that may help in preventing your hair from graying too soon.

Relax and avoid stress

Stress is the most common known cause of having gray hair prematurely. Find time to unwind and free yourself from stress, plan visits to the spa and treat yourself to a relaxing massage. A more budget-friendly way to de-stress is to soak in a hot bath after a long day.

Don’t smoke

The bad effects of smoking can also affect your mane. It causes unwanted stress to your hair that result in premature aging. By quitting your smoking habits, you free your body from the damage caused by smoking while preventing gray hair from appearing early.


Coffee, tea and other caffeine-laden drinks dehydrate your body. Alcoholic beverages are also known to reduce the amount of fluid in your cells. Some foods are also known culprits in dehydrating your body. Decrease your intake of such food and drinks and increase your intake of water. Properly hydrating your body aids in the transfer of nutrients from the cells to other parts of your body, including your hair follicles.

Onion juice

The hair contains its own hydrogen peroxide that is also responsible for the natural graying process of the hair. An enzyme called catalase functions to break down this chemical. Without catalase, hydrogen peroxide will continue to bleach the hair. However, this process may be prevented with the help of onion juice extract. It has natural properties that produce the enzymes needed to break down hydrogen peroxide. Although this hair treatment may not reverse hair that is already gray, future hair growth may be prevented from going gray.

Foods that help prevent gray hair


In China, the intake of Reishi mushrooms is said to be helpful in preventing the growth of gray or white hair.

Beef liver

Zinc and copper are natural minerals that are known to fight against graying of hair. Eating zinc and copper-rich foods like beef liver can help you. However, caution is advised if you have heart problems or high cholesterol.

Folic acid found in leafy vegetables

Eating vegetables is good for your health as a whole. When it comes to reversing gray hair, it can also help. Green leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid which is important in maintaining healthy hair and skin.

Nuts and sunflower seeds

Vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin E and zinc are found in these types of food. Adding these to your diet may help in preventing your hair from graying.


A good source of omega-3 fatty acid and essential proteins, eating fish helps promote good hair growth. Salmon and tuna are known to have these in abundance compared to other kinds of fish.

Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals that promote healthy growth of hair does not necessarily mean that you will see results fast. Seeing the benefits from eating a healthy diet may take some time before you actually reap the results. Remember, there are a lot of external factors that contribute to the graying of hair, and eating a healthy diet may not be enough to prevent your hair from going gray.

How To Manage Gray Hair In Men

Like women, some men are more conscious of their hair color than others. And there are those who still look great, maybe even better, with a gray mane. Whether you are proud to go gray or embarrassed with it, knowing how to make your silver hair work to your advantage is a must.

Here are some tips to help you:

Use a nutrient-enriched shampoo

With gray hair, melanin is significantly decreased. Hair strands also get thinner as you grow older. This increases the risk of your hair getting easily damaged from UV rays. With the help of a vitalizing shampoo and conditioner, nutrients needed by your hair are still replenished.

Gel and pomade

Because these products consist of oil rich ingredients, your hair will look healthy, shiny and more appealing.

Use dye with hints of gray

Dyeing your hair coal black may seem unnatural, but using products with just the right amount of gray to them can conceal some of your grays without having you look like you have a wig on. Ask for help from a salon expert if you have doubts on how to choose your color.

Keep your hair short and clean-looking

Nothing makes a man look more unkempt and older than gray hair growing everywhere. Dull and drab hair will not make you look any younger. Gray hair can look unruly if not trimmed regularly. Keeping it short and tight will make you look neat and polished.

How To Manage Gray Hair In Women

Women are more conscious when it comes to their locks. They tend to experiment with other types of hair colors aside from their own. Hair coloring treatments can become an expensive salon habit especially if one is not comfortable with seeing strands of gray hair mixed in. Whether you like it or not, eventually everyone will go gray at some point in their lives.

Here are some tips on how to manage gray hair on a budget.


As the popular saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. As you age, the change in your hair color occurs slowly; it does not happen overnight. For others, gray hair comes prematurely due to several factors that can be prevented. Certain lifestyle changes can be done to slow down the process of graying hair.

Try demi-permanent hair color

Dyeing your hair permanently will make you achieve the result you want quickly. However, banishing your grays with this method will require you to color your hair repeatedly once the roots grow and become visible. Demi-permanent color is an ammonia-free solution that temporarily colors your hair, allowing you to cover up to 75% of your grays for a few weeks, until the color washes out completely. Demi-permanent dye can take up to 12 or more shampoos before the color washes out completely.

Keep your hair properly cared for by using the right products

Gray hair is usually frizzier than your normal hair; this lack of shine and luster can make your hair look dull. When having your hair cut, ask your stylist to avoid using razors when cutting the ends of your hair. Razors can make the ends fray and look dry. Also, use hydrating shampoos and conditioners when washing your hair. These will protect your hair from the sun and other pollutants which also contribute to hair dryness.

Accent your gray hair with the right makeup and clothes

If you want to skip on hair color and just embrace the strays that grow, you can still complement your hair by wearing clothes that will match your gray hair. Colors such as black, white, charcoal and silver clothing are great choices. Jewel tones will also look good with gray hair. Try not to wear earth tones as they tend to wash you out. For makeup, it is best to avoid putting on blush with beige in it. Instead use rose or apricot to put some color back on your cheeks.

Reversing Gray Hair

The growth of gray hair differs from person to person. There are a few natural remedies that have been tried and tested to promote the growth of your natural hair color. These solutions may not produce instant results but with continued use, you can have your hair color back.

Many people prefer to deal with hair issues as naturally as possible. If you are quite wary in choosing products to address your gray hair and synthetic products scare you,the Gray Hair No More system will help you. This system is a natural remedy specifically formulated to get your natural hair color back.

The Gray Hair No More method is backed with years of studying and researching the anatomy of hair. This system features everything you want to know about gray hair, including:

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  • Stop the signs of premature aging.

The whole system can be accessed in the comfort and privacy of your home. You are also guaranteed that this comprehensive system is based on studies and research that ensures you of having your hair color changed back to its youthful and natural appearance.

With a one-time fee, you get to own the Gray Hair No More system. Not only that, you also get to have free books when you purchase the system.

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Bonus books include:

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