Dyed Gray Hair

Reasons You Should be Talking About Dyed Gray Hair : What we see as gray, silver or white hair is actually hair with no color pigment in it. This is caused by a significant decrease or absence of the pigment producing cells called melanin which are responsible for hair’s natural color.

Aside from the natural process of ageing, other factors such as stress, poor diet and lifestyle contribute to when and why hair turns gray prematurely.

There are different ways to cover and dye gray hair. This will depend on one’s preference and reason. Nowadays, dyeing hair silver is more common.

Although silver is not a color that will suit everyone’s taste, there are reasons why a silver hue can be used to your advantage when you want to dye your graying hair. These are:

  • With a silver dye, you can go back to growing your naturally gray hair without going through the awkward phase where you let your gray roots grow in after you have dyed your hair to a darker tone to conceal the gray.
  • Dyeing gray hair with a silver hue can also brighten up the color of your hair since gray has the tendency to take on a brassy and dull color after some time.
  • A gradual transitioning to your natural gray hair can be done by interspersing silver highlights to your natural gray hair. The silver highlights will help blend the grays better and will allow you to gradually transition to your natural hair color from a darker dye.
  • A salt and pepper look for older men is a trend that gives them a more dignified and sophisticated look. Highlights of silver can be added to the sideburns for more depth.

If silver is not for you, there’s no need to worry; you can still dye your gray hair in different shades.

You may consider these options in dyeing your hair:

  • Semi-permanent or Demi-permanent hair dye. For hair that is only 20 percent gray, a semi or demi-permanent dye may be enough to cover the gray areas. These hair products deposit color to your hair without the use of ammonia. However, for demi-permanent dye, there is a stronger concentration of hydrogen peroxide to open up the hair cuticle and let more color permeate. Thus, using a demi-permanent hair dye will let your color last longer than semi-permanent dyes that fade after six to twelve shampoos. In choosing a color, pick a shade closest to your natural hair color so the gray hair can blend away without having to use a stronger dye.
  • Permanent hair dye. If you like to keep your gray hair covered for much longer, opting for a permanent dye may be more practical. With permanent dyes, ammonia is present to help the color penetrate deeper into the hair cuticles. This will ensure that the color will last until the time comes for your natural hair to grow in.
  • Highlights and lowlights. These styles will help break the monotony of an all-over color. Hair appears fuller while problem areas are also kept covered. Colors that will flatter your hair will give the appearance of more dimension and lift.

A natural way to settle gray hair

Using chemical products is not the only way to fix gray hair. If you prefer to settle your gray hair as natural as possible, the Gray Hair No More system is for you.

This comprehensive system is proven to help you achieve your natural hair color without using expensive and harmful chemical products on your hair.

It features tried and tested methods to reverse the process of graying hair giving you a more youthful and healthy-looking hair. This system tackles concerns regarding the signs of aging, and bringing back a younger you.

Premature graying of hair can also affect one’s self-esteem, with the Gray Hair No More system, you will be helped in gaining your confidence back.

Other features of the Gray Hair No More system that you and your loved ones will find useful are self-help books that talk about:

  • Caring for your hair. This book has topics that include organic hair care products and homemade hair care treatments. It also discusses common hair problems such as dandruff and other conditions.
  • Trendy hairstyles. Gray hair or not, it’s always nice to keep your hairstyle and cut updated. Browse through different hairstyles and see which ones you’d like to try.
  • Hair loss. This is a common concern for both men and women. The book will give you information to how and why hair loss occurs. With the right knowledge, you will know how to prevent, as well as cure, hair loss.

These are just some of the free books included in the package; with just a one-time fee of $37, you are guaranteed a natural system that has been proven to banish gray hair.

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