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Gray Hair Styles Ultimate Guide : In the past, it was common for people to start getting worried when seeing their first strand of gray hair. This is a normal reaction, as no one wants dull, gray hair. A silver mane has always been associated with getting old and wrinkly.

Men and women struggle to cover, hide and even pluck the few strands of gray they see.But, times have changed.

Nowadays, many people have become more open in accepting the natural process of going gray. What was once considered granny hair has even become the latest hair color trend among younger women.

This article will help you learn about the different hairstyles that you can style to complement your gray hair.

There are different shades of gray hair:gray hair with hints of blonde or gold, dark gray and silvery gray hair.

Here are some tips on how to style your hair based on its shade:

  • Gray hair with hints of blonde or gold. Gray hair with warm undertones will look more attractive with soft hairstyles such as soft waves or a loosely brushed back bob.
  • Dark gray. For this particular shade, haircuts that have well-defined lines, also known as geo-style haircuts, make the color more appealing.
  • Silvery gray hair. This shade usually has a blue tinge to it that gives this color a cool undertone. Hairstyles that go well with this shade are precisely cut bobs and chignons. A low chignon shifts the focus to the shimmer that this silvery shade has.

Styling your Gray hair

Like with any hair color,gray hair also has some factors that need to be considered in order for it to work to your advantage. The texture and length of the hair also have great importance. In general, gray hair can make you look dignified.

It frames the face and instead of drawing attention to your hair, it draws attention to the face.

When going for a haircut, you may want to consider these guidelines on how to style your gray hair to complement your face.

  • Short Grey Hair style – a pixie cut looks edgy and modern even with gray hair. You can add some texture to it depending on your preference. A classic bob is also a good choice; you can play it up with soft curls or style it with an edgier look parted to the side.
  • Medium hairstyle – for mid-length hair, you can style it with some layers for added texture. Keep your hair hydrated to avoid it from frizzing and looking dry.
  • Long hairstyle – this length is trickier to maintain which is why it’s not as popular compared to the other two. But, it’s your hair and the most important factor to consider is your comfort and preference.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with gray hair, but not everyone is ready to embrace it just yet. If you have a few strands or more that you prefer to cover, instead of dyeing it to cover the gray, try these hairstyles that will help you hide the grays stylishly.

  • Tie your hair in a bun. For gray or white hair in and around the crown area, you can put your hair in a bun and avoid any parting in the front to keep grays hidden. Style it with some accessories and you should be fine.
  • Hair pouf.You can also hide white hair under a small pouf; be sure to keep it secured with pins and don’t make the pouf too high or else the grays can shine through.
  • Side Parted Ponytail. Parting your hair to one side can also hide gray hairs on the middle part of your head. This can also cover the ones on your nape area if there’s any. This is also a low-maintenance style so you don’t have to keep it in check.
  • Low ponytail. For this ponytail, no parting in the middle or on the side is needed. Just gather all your hair and tie it in a low ponytail covering your nape as well.

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